Are blocked drains causing your Adelaide household grief?

The most common plumbing problem Adelaide homeowners complain about is blocked drains. Whether it’s a drain in your bathroom or your kitchen, a blocked drain is extremely disruptive to a household. There are several common reasons why drains block and knowing what these are can help you identify the problem before it gets worse.

Most common reason for blocked drains in Adelaide

Loose hair can pose a real risk to drains. A build up of hair over time can block your drain and prevent liquid from passing through it. This problem is very common in the drain in the shower, as when people wash their hair, stray hairs stream down into the sink. One way of preventing hair clogging your drain is placing strainers on your drains.


Fat and Grease
It’s important not to wash fatty substances down the drain. Owing to their nature, they stick on the inside of the pipes rather than washing away completely. Over time, the fatty substances build up and stop liquid from clearing. A simple way to prevent this issue is to be more mindful of the liquids you pour down your drain.


Foreign objects
To ensure your drain works efficiently, you must avoid putting foreign objects down it. While this sounds simple in theory, in everyday life its not so straightforward. For those with kids, it’s common for toys or bathroom objects to find themselves flushed down the toilet. Even adults make mistakes about what is acceptable to put down the drain. Things like nappies, sanitary items and too much toilet paper find themselves in the drain and causing blockages. While the blockage may not be immediate, over time different materials will also flush down the drain and collect on the initial foreign object.


Leaves and trees
Even Mother Nature can block your drains. Tree roots find a way to snake into your plumbing system and cause blockages without you even realising. Tree leaves are also offenders. When its time for them to drop off the tree, they can become stuck in your drains. A simple way to avoid these types of blockages is to be vigilant with keeping your garden tidy.


Our professional drainage solution


At Allmat Plumbing we are renowned for our drainage service. As well as unblocking drains, we also specialise in drainage installation and maintenance. Our experienced plumbers have the skills to deliver our drainage service to commercial, industrial and residential customers across Adelaide.


To unblock drains quickly and effectively, we use power drain cleaning machines. This machinery allows us to battle the most stubborn blockages onsite, as our vehicles conveniently carry these units and equipment. Most commonly, we utilise the drain cleaning machines for sewer, stormwater and toilet blockages. For jobs that require a longer reach and more aggressive cleaning, we deploy hydro jet cleaners. Our experienced plumbers will identify when this type of equipment is required.


If your Adelaide household is suffering from blocked drains, call our specialists today.