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Allmat Plumbing is the expert in hot water systems Adelaide. With many years of professional experience behind us, we are renowned for providing a complete hot water solution. Our plumbers have the skills to service, repair and replace all major brands of hot water systems. To ensure they are up to date, our plumbers undertake training courses in major hot water service brands. No matter what your hot water need str in Adelaide, we do it efficiently.

The specialists in hot water in Adelaide

Our professional plumber Adelaide are fully qualified and have the knowledge to deal with all sorts of hot water systems including gas, electrical, heat pump and solar water. If you are considering installing a new hot water system or want to replace one, consider the options below.

Electric hot water systems

For homes that are not connected to gas mains, electric hot water systems are the perfect substitute. With many options to choose from, you can select between an electric storage hot water system or a more effective electric heat pump hot water system.

Gas hot water systems

If you are conscious about the environment, a gas hot water system is a good choice.  They are extremely efficient at heating water and will provide a reliable source of hot water. There are a variety of different systems to choose from including gas storage hot water systems and continuous flow.

Solar hot water systems

Powered by the sun, solar hot water systems prove to be the environmentally friendly solution to hot water. While they can be quite an investment to install, they return on the investment with low running costs. In cases of days with low sunlight, machines are boosted by different sources including electricity and gas.


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